Saturday, November 17, 2018

November Camp Update

Hello from Hoofbeat!
Things have been busy at camp since our last update! Ted and the maintenance crew have been working on fixing fences, repairing part of the roof on the Longbranch building, getting firewood in, and putting pavers in front of the Hoofroof entrances (thanks to tons of help from Ted's son Jason!). 

We have also been busy keeping the horses fed and watered in two of the riding rings since their pastures had been in really rough shape. All of the rain we had in the fall  made things like a swamp behind the barn. We're glad to have had a place to keep them, but it certainly added a bit more time to our daily chores! Now they are back in their regular pastures………yay!

Whoopi our barn cat has been extra wild the last few days and we aren't sure if she got into some catnip or maybe there's a full moon? Who knows! She does keep us all entertained though. This morning she came down with the barn staff and then sat outside the dining hall windows and looked in. She's always waiting for someone to come and give her some attention!
Today we have a Girl Scout group here to ride, as well as a birthday party. After today we will have a little break until our next program - the Mini's Christmas Party! It's nearly full now and we are hoping that there will be some snow this time. Last year you may remember that it was so warm, campers were riding in short sleeves! Not what you'd expect for December in Wisconsin!
It's easy not to mind the snow when the temperatures are comfortable (and the snow melts off the roads quickly). Hopefully this is the kind of weather we'll have for our Christmas programs!

Great news on the bridge repairs on Highway 14 - after terrible flooding and damage to two bridges in Black Earth, the road is open again. No more detours on the back roads now!
From all of us at camp, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! We'll see you at camp again soon!