Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Adopt-A-Horse Week 6

Hello there! It was quite the toasty start to the week here at Day Camp, but we have been having lots of fun despite the warm temperatures! It is Adopt-A-Horse this week here at Hoofbeat so each group adopted a horse to take care of for the week. The campers learn how to take care of their horse by learning how to groom them, saddle them both western and English, along with horse first-aid among other fun topics! Because the weather was so hot yesterday we did a half day of riding and then in the afternoon the campers got to participate in water games, and we even got to give our four legged friends up at the barn a bath to help them stay cool too! Keep checking back for more updates, but for now enjoy meeting the groups this week and the horses they adopted!

Emma and the Falabellas, with their adopted horse Cody!

Maggie and the Shetlands, with their adopted horse Diego!

Sydney and the Pintos, with their adopted horse Lightning!

Kahara and the Arabians, with their adopted horse Zeke!

Kaitlin and the Quarter Horses, with their adopted horse Teko!

You might want your sunglasses when you look at these group pictures showing off our neon! Thanks for the great week ladies!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Adopt-A-Horse Week!

Howdy there! This week at Hoofbeat Ridge Day Camp is Adopt-A-Horse week. That means that the group gets to adopt a horse for the week and learn how to take care of them. Some of the things the girls will be learning to do include saddling, grooming, leading a horse, how to buy your own horse, horse first-aid, and many more topics! Today the groups all posed and gave me big smiles while getting their group picture with their adopted horse! Be sure to check out the pictures below and meet the groups with their 4 legged friends! There are a lot of fun activities planned for this week and the weather looks absolutely outstanding! We are all eager to keep the fun going for the week, check back through out the week for more updates! For now enjoy the pictures of the groups this week!

Sam with the Morgans, and their adopted horse Fresno!

Emma with the Quarter Horses, and their adopted horse Shadow!

Kaitlin with the Arabians, and their adopted horse Zeke!

Maggie with the Shetlands, and their adopted horse Diego!

Kahara with the Pintos, and their adopted horse Lightning!

Fiona with the Falabellas, and their adopted horse Teko!

Keep Checking back for more pictures from this week!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Stars and Stripes, Red, White, and Blue...and of course some horses too!

This week is off to an absolutely wonderful start! The campers this week are so full of energy and have already enjoyed some fun activities, and they have gotten a few riding lessons in. Because this week falls right before the 4th of July many of the activities center around making crafts for the upcoming holiday. A highlight of the week I am sure will be tie dying red white and blue t-shirts. For now lets meet the groups this week!

Maggie and the Falabellas!

Sam and the Shetlands!

Fiona and the Pintos!

Kahara and the Arabians

Kaitlin and the Morgans

Emma and the Quarter Horses

Check back later in the week for more Red White and Blue and horses too!

Showing off the Stars and Stripes and Red, White, and Blue!

Thanks for a great week! Have a happy 4th of July! 

Warm and Fuzzy Memories

The second week here at Day Camp was filled with lots of adorable small animal friends, and our four legged friends up at the barn too! The campers really enjoyed getting to meet all of the small animal guests! The weather was also absolutely gorgeous! While the campers enjoyed all of the activities this week, naturally riding was a favorite! We were also able to go to the pool on Friday to cool off after a hot week! Thanks so much for an outstanding week! We hope to see you again!

Meet the Groups from this week!

The Falabellas during small animal care with their counselor Fiona

The Shetlands with Zoe and their counselor Maggie

The Pintos showing off their bunny faces with their counselor Emma

The Arabians and their counselor Sam

The Morgans during sports with their counselor Melissa

The Quarter Horses with their counselor Kaitlin

Meet the small animal guests!


Jack the Falabella

A puppy

A bunny

Thanks again for a great week Hoofbeat Campers! We hope to see you again soon!