Friday, June 18, 2021

Our First Week of Day Camp!


Hello from Hoofbeat! Day camp opened on Monday and we've had a great first week. 

Each group enjoyed their riding time and we enjoyed the great weather on Thursday with trail rides.

For horse science this week, campers learned about grooming and saddling horses, herd psychology, and basic first aid to name just a few things!

For our Horse Fun class this week, campers enjoyed hanging out with our mini ponies, riding our one and only Clydesdale Pippa, and ground driving.

Arts and crafts was a blast this week with some fun projects. Campers got to make leis, shadow boxes, animal plates, and tye dye t-shirts.

Another of our activities was skill surprise and everyone enjoyed hanging out with the camp goats, playing a game of "toxic river", water games to cool off, and making pet rocks.

For sports this week, we played freeze tag, "captain may I?", capture the flag, and more water games like "drip, drip, drop". 

Thanks to all of our campers and staff for a great first week of camp!