Friday, June 20, 2014

Roundin' Up Good Times

What a great start to the summer! Despite the treacherous conditions, our little cowgirls persevered and enjoyed a great week. The horses experienced such a long and cold winter and they seemed especially ecstatic to see some old AND new smiling faces. Although the rain threw us a few curve balls we still had fun filled days of activities. One of these exciting activities included minute to win it games such "Alaskan Baseball" and "Noodlin' around." We started some friendly competition by having a horse grooming contest where each group gave there horses a little spa treatment and competed for the title of best mane and tail, best use of flowers and pretty coat. All the kids won one of the categories and all of the horses won the gift of some love an attention. This week we also watched a few movies such as The Lion King and Spirit to give the children some down time. Thanks for a memorable and enjoyable start to the summer. 
Sam and her phenomenal Pintos taking a tour of our facilities 
 The Amazing Arabians and their counselor Kahara striking a pose outside the day camp barn
 The fabulous Fallebellas and their fantastic, amazing, beautiful counselor (and also the person currently writing the blog) Maggie!
 The sensational Shetlands showing us their bright and shiny faces with their counselor Sydney.  
Kaitlin and her magnificent Morgans hangin' out with our lovely horse Zeke!
The Quirky Quarter Horses and their beautiful counselor Emma.
The Falabellas practicing their cowgirl roping skills on their counselor Maggie. 
The Shetlands and Zoe rightfully took home the prize for best mane and tail. 
Zeke and the Pintos stole the show by winning best coat.
Teko and the Fallebellas easily snagged the award for best use of flowers.

To end this amazing week we took a whole camp picture to show off all the adorable cowgirls! Thanks again for a wonderful week! Hope to see you all again soon!