Thursday, July 16, 2015

Adopt-A-Horse Week 4

Hello there!

This week at day camp is Adopt-A-Horse! This means that all the groups get to adopt a horse for the week, and focus on grooming, saddling, and taking care of their horse. The campers learn all about how to buy a horse, and all that's needed to make sure it's happy and healthy. The past few days the campers have been getting to know their adopted horse, and have had the chance to groom them, learn to saddle, and they've even done some leading! A big highlight so far was getting their group picture with the adopted horse, and all of the campers even got individual pictures taken to put in the frames they made during arts and crafts.

The campers have also enjoyed their down the hill activities! The girls really seem to enjoy playing the water bottle game during sports, and are looking forward to water games tomorrow! The girls have also really enjoyed arts and crafts. So far they have made picture frames, superhero puppets, and posters for the groups adopted horse. The creativity is amazing! Nature has also been a blast, playing different games learning about predators and prey.

We are all loving the weather this week, and looking forward to more fun activities to finish of the week including; trail rides, tie dye, the trading post, water games, superhero theme Friday, and our grooming contest! So much fun still left to be had! For now, enjoy the group pictures! Check back for more later this week!